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Spring 2013
Kickoff Reception

Summer Community
Business Expo


Investing in community, one family, one block, one person at a time. Creating a world where every neighborhood and everybody matters.

The mission of the Bridge of Hope CDC is to strengthen and empower the community by:
1. Improving educational and developmental opportunities for children and youth;
2. Fostering economic revitalization;
3. Increasing the availability of quality housing; and
4. Advocating for the rights and privileges of North Philadelphia residents.


The Bridge of Hope Community Development Corporation (“Bridge of Hope CDC” or “BOHCDC”), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Pennsylvania Corporation, created in 2006 to serve the greater Philadelphia community, including North Philadelphia, through acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation; planning, facilitating and/or implementing the development of a range of community development projects, revitalization initiatives; education and leadership training; and youth employment, training and empowerment programs with an eye toward achieving economic stability and preserving the cultural vibrancy of our community.

Since its inception Bridge of Hope has been at the forefront of economic development and urban revitalization. It’s first major project was the acquisition of the former John Wanamaker School in 2006. The BOH CDC works to increase equity and economic empowerment by attracting new businesses, encourage the retention and growth of existing businesses, provide access to homeownership opportunities, create networking and employment opportunities and improve the quality of life and the environment in partnership with community partners, residents, businesses, property owners and other agencies.

Bridge of Hope CDC also seeks to empower local, small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can more fully participate in new and ongoing business opportunities. Our services may include:

• providing information and technical assistance to community-based organizations to assist them in the planning, development and management of their economic development projects;

• encouraging the participation of community-based organizations in major projects being undertaken in Philadelphia by private developers, especially projects seeking assistance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and;

• facilitating the community’s access to economic development resources, including financial assistance and skills training.

• Research and data collection

• Youth education, empowerment and training